Choosing the Right Adhesive Label Material for Your Products

February 11, 2023

Latest company news about Choosing the Right Adhesive Label Material for Your Products

There are so manylabel materials to choose from and finding the right one for your products canbe overwhelming. So we’ve put together some of our most popular labelmaterials, the benefits they provide, and what format they’re available in tohelp you make the right decision. Whether you want to order We Print customprinted labels or you want to print them yourself, Qiworth labels come in theshape, size, quantity, and format you need, all online.



There are somethings to consider before choosing your material. Along with the look and feelyou want to convey, there are many other factors to think about.



Are your productschilled or used near water?

Do you want yourlabel to have a photo- quality finish or matte foundation?

Are you using aclear container?

Do you want aluxurious, upscale look?

Are your productsfor display on a shelf or online?


No matter whatlook you want to achieve, Qiworth has the label material for you job. Check outthe options below to find the right fit for your products. And if you stillneed help, please feel free to reach out to us, we’ll be happy to answer yourquestions.


About Matte White Paper


When you’ve got a great design, the cleansurface of a matte white label provides a great canvas. With this popularoption, you can add splashes of color, or use the white space as part of yourdesign. Adding your text on a white background is easier to read, such as whencalling out product ingredients.


This material is available in all Qiworthformats.


About White Glossy Paper


If your label design uses vivid colors and sharp imagery, a glossy white label can make it pop. Glossy labels are great for getting your products seen on shelves, as the shiny finish adds a layer of sheen to an already striking look.


About White Film



Does your product drip or ooze or is itfrozen or dunked in the water? That’s when a durable, waterproof label performsbest. White film labels make your design stand out while resisting scratches,tears, and extreme temperatures.


Our white film labels are availableprofessionally printed on rolls in our BOPP polypropylene material or on sheetsin a PET polyester.

About Clear Film


Clear labels blend in with the container surface so your design has a printed-on look. When used on transparent containers, clear film labels are a brilliant way to showcase the quality of the actual product inside while providing a no-label look.


About Silver Metallic Paper


Give your product labels a polished sheen with silver metallic paper labels. The metallic print reflects light and provides a high-quality look. Available in a matte or glossy finish, this material is resistant to sun, water, oil and is freezer safe.


About Chrome Film



Order this chrome polypropylene materialfor sleek, durable labels that add an upscale finish to products &packaging. Chrome film labels are waterproof and resist fading, abrasions &tearing.


About Estate Paper



The cream laid paper with textured finishprovides a luxurious foundation for foods, beverages, and more. The durable,freezer-safe material carries more weight and is thicker than most labels,offering superior wet strength.


About Kraft Brown Paper


Ideal for handmade, organic, andall-natural products, it communicates the essence of wholesome goodness. Kraftbrown labels deliver a rustic look and blends in beautifully with cardboard orbrown kraft packaging. It’s 100% recycled and great for adding a natural,rustic look.