Difference Between Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal

July 9, 2024

Latest company news about Difference Between Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal

Difference Between Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal


   Thermal Transfer         Direct Thermal
Requires face stock and ribbon.
Various face stock and ribbon
combinations offer excellent scratch,smudge, and chemical resistance.
More cost-effective than direct thermalmaterials.
All materials are scannable in both visibleand infrared light.
Wide range of face stock options
Longer shelf life.
Less efficient due to the need for ribbon
Ribbon lengths often do not match labelroll lengths, resulting in increased
VS Materials
Requires face stock only.
More cost-effective for short
term uses and applications.
Reduced printer downtime (no
ribbon changes needed).Disadvantages
lmages darken over time whenexposed to light or high
temperatures.Face stock is more expensivethan thermal transfer.Shorter shelf life.Limited scratch resistance.Few options for chemicalresistance.Shorter printhead lifespancompared to thermal transfer  .


Information on Superreliable Technology Adhesive Label Material

Jumbo Roll Width: Semi Glossy Paper, Thermal Paper has 1070mm and 1530mm width, other material are only with 1070mm width.


Jumbo Roll Length: Length are customized, it can be 1000m, 1500m, 2000m, 2500m, 3000, 4000m. Sometimes length is 1800m to make full usage of 20GP container space.



MOQ for each model is 2000m length, like 1070mm*2000mor 1530mm*2000m.


Slitting: We sell whole jumbo roll width, slitting is free of charge.


Pallet: Pallet sizes are be customized according to customers requirement or container loading. But all pallets are plywood pallet.


Liner: Most liner is glassine liner 60gsm, Yellow color, blue color also available. There are also 50g 70g 80g white glassine liner available.


Adhesive, Superreliable Techology has rubber based hotmelt glue(HM Model), Water based acrylic glue(WG model), Solvent Glue(SG model,) Anti freezing Glue(AF Model), Super Strong Glue(SS Model), Tire Glue(TG Model).


Facestock, adhesive glue and liner can be customized according to customers final using.


Paper core: Paper core is 3inch 76mm.


Container loading:


20FT can load around 100,000SQM material; Most suitable roll length is 1800m, it can load around 120,000SQM

40HQ can load around 160,000SQM of paper or 180,000SQM film, 25,500Kgs

40NOR can load around 180,000SQM of paper or 200,000SQM film, around 29,500kGS

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