Information needed to match right model adhesive glue

February 1, 2022

we have model different models adhesive, so we need following information to recommend right model adhesive accordingly.


1. Label final usage, that means what kind of label you will make finally, like barcode label, Scale Sticker, or Logistic Usage Label and so on?


2. Substrate, that means where will the label be pasted? Like Carton box, or supermarket plastic bags or glass bottle and so on?


3. Labeling temperature, what is the temperature when the label is pasted, or the substrate surface temperature., like Higher than -5℃, -15℃ or -25℃?


4. Service temperature, what is the environment temperature after the label is pasted. Like more than 45℃ or lower than -10℃ or common temperature?


After we get the above information, we can 100% recommend right model glue for you.


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